Become A Service Centre

Take your business to the next level

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Stand out from your competitors by becoming a Shimano Service Centre. Qualifying bike retailers that meet Service Centre standards can join the network to provide bike-lovers with the best bike care. In addition to benefitting from digital marketing support, in-store experience materials, workshop improvement services and technology training opportunities, your mechanics will be certified and have access to the latest Shimano technology.

FAQ from retailers

Can my shop become a Shimano Service Centre?

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We invite bike retailers to apply to join our network. As we are committed to providing excellent bike care to consumers who use Shimano products, we have specific requirements to assure retailers meet these expectations.


Minimum requirements include employing a mechanic, having a physical store with a publicly accessible entrance, having a professional workshop and showroom area, completing Shimano e-learning courses and stocking Shimano Original Parts.


Contact us to discuss your eligibility.

What services can I expect a Shimano Service Centre to offer?

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For a full overview of the services offered by Shimano Service Centres, see our Services page.